Chief Executive Officer

Anchored by a deep commitment to the Christian faith, Wedgwood Christian Services is one of Michigan’s most highly regarded experts when it comes to helping hurting children, youth, and families. We are dedicated to aggressively taking on the toughest problems facing our communities today, including sex trafficking, abuse & neglect, behavioral issues, substance abuse, developmental delays, learning difficulties, school expulsions, and more. As a non-profit organization Wedgwood provides a wide range of social services to meet the needs of individuals in our community who are struggling with any number of these issues.


We are looking for a Chief Executive Officer who can balance the internal management responsibilities with the external visibility that is vital to achieving the strategic goals of the Wedgwood Christian Services. The Chief Executive Officer will translate vision into strategies and actionable objectives across all segments of the organization ensuring the long- term impact, growth and sustainability of Wedgwood Christian Services.

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