Advantage Label & Packaging | Detroit, MI

Advantage Label & Packaging was built upon the belief that relationships are the fundamental elements for success. From their customers and vendors to their team members, their goal is to create long-term partnerships based on trust. They are focused on making lives better for their clients, employees, and business partners. Their unique approach to labeling solutions is to be the expert and trusted advisor for every piece of the puzzle, not just printed labels. The breadth of their solutions includes equipment, software, technical support, and service. This has led them to growing their business nationwide and internationally.

Advantage Label is looking for an ambitious and industrious Field Service Technician to provide in house technical support and perform field installation and maintenance. You will handle hardware and software support in house and deliver service and customer assistance during field visits. You will be in charge of troubleshooting, testing, repair, and training.

Do not let your lack of experience hold you back. Advantage Label will conduct on the job training and job shadowing. They will equip you with adequate resources to ensure that you carry out your responsibilities effectively.

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