We Do The Heavy Lifting

Are you looking to hire more team members before the end of the year? Is the thought of managing that process on your own a bit daunting, but you’re looking for more than a headhunter emailing you a few resumes, expecting you to manage the entire hiring process and then charging you up to a 30% fee just for the few resumes they sent (to you and your competitors looking for the same talent)?

With HR Collaborative’s comprehensive Talent Search Management Process, we do all the heavy lifting. Our process includes:

  • Conducting a baseline compensation benchmarking so you can ensure a competitive salary
  •  Posting the job opening to major job boards and industry specific networks and publications
  • Collecting applications through our web-based Applicant Tracking System (ATS), branded with your company logo
  • Actively reaching out and contacting qualified candidates that haven’t yet applied to ensure they know about the great opportunity
  • Reviewing, ranking and sorting all applications and resumes to further narrow the candidate pool
  • Phone screening all qualified candidates to ensure they’ve got the required job qualifications, drive, cultural fit, availability, and compensation requirements that align with what you’re looking for
  • Providing the hiring manager at your company with comprehensive notes and information on the candidates to move to on-site interviews
  • Coordinating and facilitating in the on-site interview process including scheduling the interviews, preparing behavioral-based interview questions specific to the job, participating in the interviews, etc.
  • Recommending and coordinating pre-employment assessments, reference checking, and background screening HR Collaborative is a Wiley Authorized Partner and offers both DiSC and PxT assessments
  • Preparing, presenting and negotiating the final offer on your organization’s behalf
  • Keeping all candidates informed as to their status during and after the search
  • A 90 Day Guarantee

Best of all, our fees to manage this are far less than a traditional headhunter or recruiting firm. Why not give HR Collaborative a try? We’d love to work with you!

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