Acquiring new leadership has never been so easy.

We helped this team thrive in a time of upheaval.

The Situation

When an organization has a leadership role vacancy, it can cause upheaval and confusion. It's important for any size organization to be able to fill that role efficiently while also finding the best possible match. However, in many cases it can be difficult for boards to find the time to perform an effective executive search. In this instance, a nonprofit board of directors simply did not have the bandwidth to conduct a search while also maintaining their hectic professional lives.

The Solution

HR Collaborative managed the entire search process for the organization, which included formation of a search committee and position profiling. Prior to launching the search, we conducted a comprehensive assessment of the needs, vision, and culture of the organization to identify the most compatible leadership fit. When we presented candidates to the board of directors, we were confident that they were the best candidates available, and we took care of every hiring detail, from interviews to offer letters to contract signings. With the budget of a non-profit in mind, we didn’t rest until the right person was on the job.
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