Scattered operations consolidated without a hitch.

Learn How We Did It.

Any company with more than one office knows how difficult it can be to coordinate personnel issues from one location to the next. What gets decided at one branch can easily be lost in translation when communicating with a different region, leading to confusion for employees and leadership alike.

The Situation

When a public organization came to HR Collaborative, seeking to merge its various operations under one central leadership office, they were faced with what seemed like a monumental task: coordinate human resources throughout the company with no loss of service or downtime during the transition. With our human resources expertise, HR Collaborative was able to organize and coordinate the extensive details so that each member of the team felt comfortable and supported during the transition—and we were able to do it quickly.

The Solution

HR Collaborative developed a strategy and assembled a task list to execute a brand new human resource system. This strategy included forming a new benefit plan and 401-K retirement program, drafting an employee handbook, selecting a payroll and timekeeping system, and hiring or re-hiring 35 employees for open positions. All of this was implemented within six months while the organization seamlessly continued operations. We continued to work closely with this organization beyond the merger, offering ongoing leadership development and staffing solutions to keep pace with their growth.
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