Avoiding Recruitment Pitfalls

Recruitment is in full swing in the state of Michigan. In June 2017, Michigan’s jobless rate hit 3.8%. This is the lowest jobless rate Michigan has seen since way back in August 2000.

A tight job market and steep competition by other employers can make for a rushed hiring process – which, if you don’t take care, can lead to some bad hires. A bad hire can cost your company in many ways: lost productivity, missed development opportunities, negative client service, low employee morale and accumulated costs for hiring and training.

How to avoid a bad hire?

  1. Know what you’re looking for. This may go without saying, but you should have a well-defined idea of whom it is you want. What does a person in this job need to be successful? You may find yourself retooling the role itself as you work through this process. It’s better to do it at this stage than to hire someone for the wrong job!
  2. Learn to spot inconsistencies and patterns that may raise red flags and predict future poor performance, attendance, and accuracy when reviewing a candidate’s submitted credentials.
  3. Assess the skills and abilities required versus the skills that can be taught on the job. You may find by defining the difference between these skills widens your candidate pool.
  4. Look beyond just what the candidate is saying and key in on signs that show behavior tendencies through body language and attention to details.
  5. Know what is legal and not legal to ask in an interview. Make a note of what questions you need to avoid, as well as things that you can or can’t do during the interview process.
  6. Throughout the process, remember your company’s unique culture and know what characteristics that would promote a successful hire.
  7. After hiring the right candidate the next hurdle is to keep them engaged. Make sure you have a well-defined onboarding process to make the new hire transition as effective as possible.


The key takeaway is this – you’re not just looking for someone who fits a posting; you’re looking for the right fit for your job and your company.

About the Author: Debbie Lockwood is a an HR Business Partner at HR Collaborative. To learn more about Debbie, connect with her on LinkedIn.

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