Are You Prepared for FLSA Regulation Changes?

There are proposed changes to the FLSA regulation you should know about

What You Need To Know.

On May 18, 2016, Department of Labor announced significant changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act white-collar exemption provision that could impact up to 11 million American workers and cost employers increased wages of $1.18 to $1.27 billion per year. Making these changes can equate to tens of thousands of dollars for even the small employer! How you arrive at your decisions will be critical to your bottom line. But moreover, the decisions you make and process in which you roll out the changes could impact policies, practices, employee morale and workplace culture!

What To Consider.

How will I adjust employee’s pay structure to ensure our payroll is in compliance with the regulation? What is your policy for travel and telecommuting? Do you have benefits specifically for salaried employees, but not for hourly? How will your work workflow be impacted when more employees are eligible for overtime? How will newly non-exempt employees track their time worked? If you raise the salary of some, will it cause wage compression as it relates to others in the same department? How could these changes impact our culture? These are just a few key questions- there are more. HR Collaborative is poised to walk you through these considerations.

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