Case Study 5

Great companies draw excellent talent with intentional growth.

The Situation

A fast-growing company needed to expand their team at a rapid pace but didn’t want to lose sight of their incepting mission and strategic vision. They recognized that their unique company culture required specific qualities in employees beyond fundamental job skills. As they sought to hire new talent, the company leadership wanted to insure continuity of the customer service approach that had carried them so far already.

The Solution

HR Collaborative created a target hiring process to identify key talent for a specific niche in the company, focusing on candidates who possessed the customer service capabilities crucial to the identity of the organization. Once we were confident in our candidate selections, we maintained connection with the new employees, creating an onboarding process and emphasizing leadership development to guarantee healthy integration into the existing company culture. Good HR doesn’t stop once a hire is made; it continues to cultivate talent so that the best people want to invest in their workplace.