Case Study 4

Small business, big HR payoff.

The Situation

A small company was keenly aware of its profitability and cash flow. They recognized that strong human resources are imperative for best practices, vital to productivity, and a huge draw for new talent, but they did not have the bandwidth to deliver the focused, disciplined professionalism of an in-house HR team. Recognizing that their ability to deliver high-level HR services from within was not viable, they reached out for help.

The Solution

HR Collaborative stepped in to act as the sole human resource providers for this company. In assessing their immediate needs and casting vision for the future, we were able to manage payroll, implement benefits management, fill open staffing positions, engage with employee concerns and requests, update their company handbook, resolve conflicts, and streamline workflow on a continual basis. Our high-level management performance, personal responsiveness, and structural advising gave this company a major leg up without hurting their profit margin.